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The MPlayer module is the upgraded version from the original module by Matt Bury. Mostly reworked over the flowplayer technology, we till now decided to keep the legacy JWPlayer plugin available with some restrictions.

this version is intended to go as far as possible in wrapping the underlying vido player capabilities, thus providing the most flexible tool for video integration in moodle. See the feature list for more details.

As video players provide a huge set of attributes, options and settings, it is not easy for us to have everything tested and guaranteed. We accept orders to complete, test or stress some aspects that may not be covered by the provided versions.




  • Dual player technology Flowplayer/JWPlayer
  • Moodle Uploaded videos distribution
  • Foreign URLs
  • Streamers :
    • Wowza (experimental)
    • HLS
    • Adaptative bitrate (goal)
    • Wowza media repository upload through NFS
  • XML Playlists
  • Implicit playlists (resource sets)
  • Subtitles to choose between:
    • User selected
    • Bound to user prefered language
    • Bound to course forced language
    • Activated by playlist
  • “Cuepoints” (in progress)
  • Activity completion compatible:
    • End of media read
    • All media read using check points (next eligible in roadmap)
    • Hot frames to catch/mark (next in roadmap)
  • Autoplay configurable
  • Full screen configurable
  • Configurable Volume
  • Handles static poster images
  • Playlist chapter dots (dots)
  • Iconic playlist


:M27: :M28: :M29: :M30: :M31: :M32: :M33: :M34:

Travis-ci Continuous integration

Note : Failing status is not necessarily the sign of a non functioning module. It just says that the Moodle code standards check are not full filling. This is a continuous effort of us rewriting the plugin code to get it compliant.


  • Matt Bury
  • Valéry Fremaux (

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